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Safety Bath, Walk-In Tubs and Roll-In Showers

Canadian-made walk-In tubs offer the best accessibility & a lifetime warranty

Walk-in tubs DO NOT take ‘forever to fill,’ and if you’re super concerned: Logic Bath Solutions can plumb in a 3/4” water line to make filling time even quicker. The Logic Bath Solutions team clocked an empty tub taking just 90 seconds to drain; drain time is faster when you factor in water displacement from a person sitting in a tub. Supplier- Safety Bath Tubs - shares this link with videos and more information here.


High-Flow Taps for Walk-In Tubs

The high-flow tap is designed to produce a flow rate of 14 gallons per minute, meaning: this allows our walk-in bathtub to fill in under 4 minutes!


Aluminum Door for Walk-In Tubs

Safety Bath's extruded aluminum doors and door frame are the strongest on the market, ensuring years and years of problem-free use.

Walk In Tubs Door Open Logic Bath Solutions

Stainless Steel & Acrylic Tub

Safety Bath tub shells are made of easy-to-clean acrylic on a strong stainless steel frame, blending the best of comfort and durability for a bathtub you’ll never need to replace.The floors of our tubs also have a slip-resistant texture to avoid slips and falls.


2" Quick Drain

With all walk-in tubs, it’s necessary to wait for them to drain before exiting. We make this a minimal hassle with our 2” quick drain that allows the tub to drain in 90 seconds or less (dependent on your home’s water pressure and plumbing).

Walk In Roll in Shower

Barrier-Free Shower with 3/4" Threshold

The Phoenix barrier-free shower removes obstacles when showering for mobility-impaired individuals. The barely-there 3/4″ threshold makes entry easy, allowing even walkers and wheelchairs to be wheeled right into the shower.

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