A Customers Story

Rylan is a 17 year old young man. He started having seizures at 26 months of age and they have caused severe regression cognitively and physically. 

Although Rylan can walk he needs assistance doing so. Sometimes his balance is off and sometimes he wants to go in a different direction than you. It was getting more and more difficult to get Rylan in and out of the tub safely and there was always the risk of him having a seizure in the tub and going under water. The biggest thing was going to be an accessible shower.  Vern managed to give us a complete roll in shower room that is not only functional but also beautiful. My favourite thing is the pebble stone floor. Rylan's bedroom is directly across from the new bathroom and we can either roll his shower chair between the two rooms, or we can use the ceiling track and sling to move him from chair to chair. This has made things much safer for Rylan and for us, while also saving our backs. 


Jacqui Cameron, Ryan malley and Rylan

Bathroom Befor 001.jpg
Waterproofing bathroom.jpg
Pebble Floor Vern.jpg

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