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About Logic Bath Solutions Ltd.

Vern Fineberg

Vern Fineberg - Owner





Relational codes of conduct 

The Logic Bath Solutions team treats everyone the way they want to be treated, so they adhere to these relational codes:

  1. We treat customers, sub trades and suppliers with respect. 

  2. When working in someone’s home there is no peeking, peeping, pushing or judgement. 

  3. We maintain proper personal hygiene standards and wear proper work clothes.   

  4. We respect personal and professional boundaries throughout the job with homeowners. No monkey business.

Vern has listened in on many conversations... 

And, he'll tell you up front what’s going to cost a little more and where you can save yourself some cash and future cleaning efforts. Go shopping with you? Yep. He has done that, too. When Logic Bath Solutions is done with your space you find it’s the space you really wanted.

Vern listens more than he talks...

He’s heard the conversations between homeowners and physiotherapists, home care workers and occupational therapists talking with homeowners. “I stay quiet,” says Vern, “because I need to hear what the professionals say is a ‘must have’ and I need to listen for the wants of the homeowner and their families.” The Logic Bath Solutions team work very hard to remake (or make new) bathroom spaces that maintain human dignity and autonomy while ensuring everyone’s safety is prioritized. Vern knows, too, that medical professionals plan for present and future states of medical conditions. A properly planned renovation has to accommodate all eventualities.

I just want to keep Dad in his house….” or “My wife needs to come home…”

The Logic Bath Solutions team has heard heartbreak and worry in the voices of daughters, sons, husbands and wives. Everyone longs for home. Sometimes a bathroom renovation means the difference between living in a care home or in your own home. Vern and the team understand that. It is why they do what is right. Click here to read project stories

“If I get mansplained or bullied one more time…” 

Vern has logged stories from women clients who have had their personal space violated, been spoken over, spoken down to and abruptly pushed into decisions they did not want to make. That is why we state and stick to the relational codes you read about, above. 

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