Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat

Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat, Instantaneous Water Heating, Heated Seat, Elongated - LIVINGbasics™
Wireless Remote Control, Advanced H/C Massage, Precise Seat Warming, Self-Cleaning, Air Dryer, Inviting Nightlight Design, UV Sterilization, Automatically Cleaning

LIVINGbasics™ Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat provides luxury features that make relieving yourself a more relaxing experience. Heated seat, air dryer, Uv Sterilization, set the water to a temperature that is pleasant for you.

You can have all these luxury functions with our toilet seat. One of the advantages of buying this LIVINGbasics™ toilet seat is the ease of installation. Sleek and minimalistic design with cutting-edge innovation and advanced technology that lets you feel clean and comfortable

Our Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat has passed many safety certifications and tests and has obtained several patents. Including: IPX4 waterproof certification, UL certification and CUPC certification.

MEDICAL GRADE ULTRAVIOLET STERILIZATION TECHNOLOGY: This smart toilet cover uses medical grade UV sterilization technology which can effectively sterilize the nozzle. Thereby preventing the growth of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans and other pathogens.

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Bidet Seat Warming.jpg

WARM SEAT: In the cold winter, the heated seat is more comfortable.

INSTANT HEATING TECHNOLOGY: Compared with traditional built-in water tank heating technology, this instant heating technology can heat the water instantly to a comfortable temperature. Able to provide a steady stream of hot water. And can effectively prevent bacterial growth. (Instant heating. 900CC mass flow inverter heating technology. Constant warm water. Fastest heating in the world at present, the highest flow rate and the most stable temperature)

Warm-air dryer provides a safer and more pleasant user experience

ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: Water, Air dryer and toilet seat temperatures are adjustable to three different levels. Hybrid heating technology offers continuous warm water during your entire experience. Air dryer feature dries your bottom for a refreshing finish after the wash. In the cold winter, the heated seat makes you unafraid to go to the toilet.

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AUTOMATIC CLEAN: When the automatic cleaning function is turned on, the product activates the hip cleaning (90s) and the warm air drying function (4 minutes) in sequence. The automatic cleaning function is ideal for the elderly and children.